Thursday, September 18, 2008

Police Blotter: Two Haiku Interpretations in Three Acts

Baltimore Co. – Cockeysville
Robbery A man, 26, was walking along Hogarth Circle about 9 p.m. Sunday when three teenagers, one of whom implied he had a gun, robbed him of a bag of cookies, a fruit drink and cat food. As the three youths were about to flee, the victim asked one of them to return the cat food. The youth did and all three escaped on foot.

1. Haiku Interpretation by guest Kinetic Prose

From the perspective of the teens:
We needed some "food"
So we got a "gun," for fun
Stole not all, but some

From the perspective of the robbee:
They took my cookies!
The took my drink! What am I
to eat: my cat's food?

From the perspective of the cat:
meow, crunch, crunch, crunch
I was hungry, now I'm not
crunch, crunch, crunch, meow

2. A Haiku Interpretation by Haiku Kitty

Take my cookies and
Take my drink - but have pity
leave me the cat's food

Listen to this fool!
Crazy old man! But why not?
Catch! Here's your cat food!

The Cat:
I see you've brought food
and none too soon - for tonight
I would have killed you

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